December 2019 is a major update in Power BI Helper. We believe this is the biggest update we have done so far. The list of updates is big. To name a few, now we have pages, visuals and bookmarks metadata available, visual comparer, visualization tree, the reverse dependency tree, DMV execution page, and dependant calculations for tables and columns with many more features. The layout of the Power BI Helper also had some changes in this version, which we believe would be well received. Let’s see what’s hot and new in the December 2019 version.

This update includes features below:

  • Visualization
    • List of NOT used fields or tables
    • New layout
      • Visualization tab
      • Bookmarks and tables added there
      • Fewer clicks, easier navigation
      • Better look
    • Search enhancement (Bug-fix)
    • Pages metadata (size, filter, order, etc)
    • Visuals metadata (type, custom title, etc)
    • Filter visuals based on pages
    • Filter fields based on pages or visuals
    • Visual/layout comparer
    • Visualization Tree
  • Documentation
    • Documentation of all visuals/pages/files used/not used/bookmarks
  • Modeling
    • Reverse dependency tree
    • Icons in the dependency tree
    • Dependent calculations for tables and columns
    • Relationships metadata
    • DMV Explorer

Read more about features in detail here.



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