What it does?

Power BI Helper is an external tool for Power BI Desktop. Using this tool, you can analyze your Power BI file, explore the data sources, the Power Query script, the data model, DAX expressions, and visualizations. This is a tool for Power BI developers and analysts and administrators, architects, and managers to create documentation of their work and have a better Power BI development experience.

Here are some highlights of this tool:


Power BI Helper exports the entire metadata of a Power BI file (including model analysis, Power Query scripts, visualizations) into a document with the settings that you can customize. This tool also provides full documentation of the Power BI objects in the Power BI service. The document generated using Power BI Helper can be used as a report catalog.

Clean up Power BI files and models

A real-life Power BI file and data model can be messy. You might have many not-used columns and tables and measures. Power BI Helper can help you identify the not-used fields and calculations, clean them up, and have a better data model just with a few clicks.

Performance tuning

Power BI files can become slow in performance or big in size. Power BI Helper will advise you on some best practices to apply to have a better data model. You can use this tool to reduce your Power BI files significantly.

Model and Visualization Metadata

It is crucial to understand how the Power BI file is developed. How many visual pages are created, what visuals on each page, what fields have been used in visualization, the bookmarks created, etc. Power BI Helper will give you all that information. It will also give you a full metadata detail of the tables, columns, calculations, and the DAX expressions’ dependency tree.

measure dependencies

Power BI Service

Power BI Helper fetches the metadata of all the service objects such as workspaces, apps, dashboards, reports, datasets, dataflows, and gateways. It will not only stays at the metadata. It also helps you to download the reports locally to have a backup. You can also export the entire audit log of Power BI for a custom period using this tool.

Compare Power BI files

Suppose you have two similar Power BI files which you want to find their differences. In that case, Power BI Helper gives you a detailed comparison result of the visualization, Power Query scripts, and report level measures.